Reward Points Scheme


The aim of this scheme is to encourage members to marshal on our events, and to help them to become better equipped, warmer and drier. The principle of the scheme is that every time a Club Member helps the club at an eligible event, they will be entitled to up to five points, each point having a face value of £1, redeemable against BMC events, membership or clothing. As a result, members can obtain something tangible in return for their support of the club or an event.


Members and Associate members of BRISTOL MC.


Reward points are gained for marshalling/officiating at events organised by BMC, either jointly or in its own right, and are only awarded to those officially signed on as such (i.e. not Autosolo marshals). One point is worth one pound and can be redeemed against any BMC event, membership renewal or BMC clothing. Marshalling or organising at a BMC event is worth five points (i.e. five pounds value). Two points are awarded to members helping at an event for less than three hours, with the exception of trials (e.g. Fedden, Allen) which will attract five points. Setting up prior to an event carries a maximum of five points for one occasion only, in addition to the main event. Points have no value outside of the redemption options shown above.


The Chairman and / or the Committee have the right to issue extra reward points for a member’s exceptional work which has been of benefit to the club.


Points will expire at the end of the following year of issue e.g.. points awarded on 1 April 2013 expire on 31 Dec 2014. Points not redeemed by their expiry date are forfeited.


Electronic points are issued automatically after an event and are published on the BMC website, with a paper copy of the current table available to view at our monthly club meeting. All valid Reward Vouchers will be converted to Reward Points at the start of the new scheme, therefore existing paper vouchers are no longer required. Points for the current year are shown by event, whilst points accrued in previous years and still valid will be shown as a yearly total. Members will receive an email from the co-ordinator whenever points are added / redeemed.


Points are automatically deducted when a member uses these points against membership, clothing or event entry. As many points may be redeemed as are required for the purpose. Entry forms for events will contain a box where members can enter the number of points to be redeemed. Each Bristol MC Event Entries Secretary will liaise with the RP Coordinator to ensure that an individual has the required number of points to redeem before processing their entry, and then the points will be deducted immediately by the RP Coordinator.


Carlie Hart – contact by email

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