PS4 22/23 vSprint Series

Bristol Motor Club are again running a winter Vsprint series based on the PlayStation 4
Platform and using the the GT Sport game, and will not require entrants to have a PS Plus

The format of the championship is as follows:

  • Unlimited modified time trials in arcade mode
  • Cars and tracks announced on a rolling two week basis
  • First round open until Sunday 27th November 2022 at 3pm
  • Next track announced at the completion of the previous one
    • Round one starts with any variant Mazda MX5 at Kyoto Driving Park. Short cut and damage penalties must be set to on.
    • Every round will have a new car / track combination.
  • The unlimited rounds are intended to provide an additional engineering element to the challenge. The car can be fully modified with gear ratios, suspension settings, power and tyres all free. 

Points for each round will be awarded as follows:

1 st 25 points 9 th 8 points
2 nd 20 points 10 th 7 points
3 rd 18 points 11 th 6 points
4 th 16 points 12 th 5 points
5 th 14 points 13 th 4 points
6 th 12 points 14 th 3 points
7 th 10 points 15 th 2 points
8 th 9 points 16 th and below 1 point

The intention is to run eight rounds with the championship end at 3pm on Sunday 26 th

Due to the nature of the Arcade mode leaderboards (they cannot be shared), entrants will
be required to submit photographic evidence of times to the WhatsApp group.
It will be required for all competitors to friend PS4 organisers ‘Super_Greenspade’ and
‘MBC—GG—’ within the GT Sport game in order to be eligible for points. It is a requirement
to join the dedicated WhatsApp group where all competitors will share their times by
phorograph and within the group will be the leaderboard spreadsheet where all the times
will be collated and all competitors are encouraged to update as they improve their times.

Once the friend request is received the competitor will be added to the WhatsApp group.
All communications after registration will be handled through the WhatsApp group
including annoucements of the new challenge round and any other information.

Damage and short cut penalties will be on an individual basis per round TBC on publication.

Competitors will be able to drop rounds, out of the eight rounds on offer the best six will

Awards will be as follows:
1 st Overall – A Trophy
Ties will be decided in the traditional Roshambo style.

BMC Winter Challenge 2022 Regulations