Navigational Scatter

2019 dates: Friday 25 January and Friday 18th October

The essence of this type of event is to maintain a time schedule through a series of control points by following route instructions which challenge your map-reading and observation skills. You’ll find it useful to be able to interpret complex and sometimes obscure navigational instructions!

These events take place on normal public roads, almost always at night, and the time schedule can be met without exceeding the normal speed limits at any time. All competing cars must be properly taxed, tested and insured. Third party insurance cover specifically for the event can be purchased on the night for a nominal fee.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Any standard road car
  • Ordnance Survey maps
  • 2 crew members with valid club membership cards
  • The driver must hold a valid RTA Driving Licence
  • The navigator must be at least 12 years old

In addition to the right map, you will find it useful to have a sheet of stout card to support it, plus soft pencils, a rubber, an LED headtorch, a Romer for plotting – and a torch for reading signposts in the dark.

There is a useful explanation of Nav Scatters in our Novices’ Nav Guide.

Other useful information, from the Ordnance Survey:

Like all our competitive events, detailed information, i.e. Supplementary Regulations and Entry Form, will be published on this website a few weeks before the event.