Virtual MX5* Challenge

* we’ll have more than MX5s, don’t worry.

Welcome to the inaugural Bristol Motor Club Virtual MX5 Challenge. Something to keep our motorsport spirits up during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We’ll run a series of competitions based on the Playstation 4 game Gran Turismo Sport. Sorry for Xbox or PC owners, we started with a group of people who predominantly had a PS4.

Kids are welcome… if you can bear the shame of being beaten by them!

What do I need?

  • Playstation 4 Console (Original, Slim or Pro)
  • Game controller (we’re not using steering wheels to make it fair)
  • A copy of the Gran Turismo Sport game (downloadable from the Playstation Store for £15.99)


We’ll set a series of challenges, mainly time trial so you can play in your own time. We’ll also have a few races when we can so it’s a bit more sociable.


For each event, we’ll post a track and a car. Add me as your friend on the Playstation and it then lets me see everybody’s time. My Gamertag is ‘PatioBlast‘.

We’re not allowing steering wheels. Mainly because not everybody has one, nor can they get one in time. Just use your controller whilst sat on the sofa. No need for racing gloves.

No changing the car setup or spec. Not even tyre pressures.

Championship Points

1st25 points9th8 points
2nd20 points10th7 points
3rd18 points11th6 points
4th16 points12th5 points
5th14 points 13th4 points
6th12 points14th3 points
7th10 points15th2 points
8th9 pointsOther finishers1 points


Yeah, why not. The winner will get a trophy at the Annual Awards ceremony.


  • Round 1 – Complete the Campaign Mode / Circuit Experience – Kyoto Driving Park – Miyabi (1 lap Attack). Post a time before Sunday 29th March at 3pm.
  • Round 2 – Complete the Campaign Mode / Circuit Experience – Goodwood Motor Circuit (1 lap Attack). Post a time before Sunday 29th March at 3pm.
  • Round 3 – Complete the Campaign Mode / Circuit Experience – Tsukuba Circuit (1 lap Attack). Post a time before Sunday 5th April at 3pm.

How do I compete?

vSprint events

vSprint Guide here

Circuit Experience events

The game makes you work for the additional tracks so we’ve assumed you’ve never played the game before and will be starting from scratch (like me!).
So the first event is one of the challenges from the game.
From the ‘Campaign’ Menu, choose ‘Circuit Experience’.

Then choose the first track, which is the ‘Kyoto Driving Park – Miyabi’. At the bottom of the screen, you need to select ‘1 Lap Attack’. You might need to complete Sector 1 & 2 first, but that won’t take long.