2017 Chepstow Autosolo

Unfortunately, we’ve lost the use of our Chepstow venue for AutoSolos and that means we’ve had to cancel the March AutoSolo.  We’ve tried to find an alternative venue, but it’s too late for us to put on an AutoSolo of reasonable quality. We’ll have something by the time the Summer event comes around though as there are several on the boil.

This means the championship is down to just 7 rounds and 6 of them will count towards the championship.  There’s still time to enter the Great Western Sprint if you’ve not done so already.

Don’t forget that you will need a racing licence, helmet, suit and gloves to compete.  You’ll also need to fit a timing strut to the car and affix numbers when you are allocated them.

2017 Great Western Sprint Entries

Entries for round 2 of the Vincenzo & Son Bristol MX5 Challenge are now open.  Don’t worry, entries for round 1 are not open yet (long story) and the regs (attached) are still provisional as we’re waiting for confirmation from the MSA.  You can enter online (class A5) or download a postal entry form here:

Don’t forget that you will also need the following:

Before the championship starts, we have a rolling road day at JPR in Yate.  It’s £40 for a power run and we’ll have a BBQ running. Money by the end of the month if you wish to come.

2016 Llandow Sprint Results

As usual, Llandow provided four seasons in a day.  Congratulations to Sandy on his third win and to Dave and Louis for their podium pots.  Sandy’s now got a good points lead, but it’s not over yet as thanks to the dropped scores, several of you are still in with a shout.  Garry, Phil, Louis and Dave could still win the title and the battle between 2nd and 5th is very close. Saturday’s battle ended with a gap of just a couple of tenths and whilst Sandy was dominant at Combe this year, his wins at Chepstow and Llandow were by far narrower margins.

The scores have been updated on the website (the graph wasn’t previously showing everyone’s scores – sorry Chris).  Next round is Chepstow and I’ll fire out the regs as soon as they’re out. You should get results of the event from the Event Secretary soon or look on the Facebook group where Phil has kindly posted a photo of the results.

On a serious note, the movement of cones during the day was not appreciated and Sandy’s provided some video footage to show that two cones were placed on the apexes significantly affecting the lines.  There was no notification that the course had been changed and no opportunity to inspect the course between practice and timed runs. The issue was raised on the day with the Club Steward and the Clerk of the Course but we didn’t have the evidence available at the time to show what had changed.  This is not acceptable and will be raised at Committee tonight with the photographic evidence.

2016 Great Western Sprint Results

The results are in for the Great Western Sprint:

Well done to Sandy, who took a great win (and new class record) and also to most of you who managed a PB this year, despite the step down from 1B rubber to 1A over the winter.  The championship results have been provisionally updated (I’m still awaiting confirmation of club membership for a couple of entries):

Hopefully, you’ve all got your entries in for Llandow.  If not, there’s a paper entry form and an online one here:

We’ve also had an invitation to compete in the Llys-y-Fran hillclimbs in Wales.  There’s one the day after our Llandow event in May and also one the day after the HSA’s Llandow event in July so you can make a weekend of it – Llandow’s on the way to Llys-y-Fran from Bristol.  There will be a class specifically for MX5s at each event. I know there were a few competitors keen to include a hillclimb this year and if this non-championship round goes down well, it might well become a championship round in 2017.  The regs and entry form are attached.

See you at Llandow!

2016 Chepstow Autosolo Results

Round 1 is over and we have the first results.  Well done to Sandy Smith who won the first round and scores 25 points.  Phil Oliver and Garry Hendy round off the podium. The link below gives you a chart of points through the season and it’ll be on the website soon:


Unfortunately, we had so many competitors that some have not scored points.  I hope you enjoyed yourself whether you scored points or not. Everyone I spoke to seemed to be happy irrespective of their position.  Those I didn’t speak to, I left stickers under your wipers to go on your boot lids.

It’s only 2 weeks until the second round, so I hope you’re ready.  You’ll need your helmet, suit, gloves, racing licence and a timing strut fitted to the car.  Do shout if you’re struggling with any of that. I’ve cut out all the magnetic number backgrounds, so bring adhesive numbers that fit on a sheet of A4 (210mm/8.25” tall).  The backgrounds will be available either at signing on or with one of the MX5 competitors in the paddock.

If you’ve not yet entered round 3 at Llandow, then please do get your entry in soon:

If you want to scribble some notes down from the day, then please do so and I’ll use quotes for the press releases.  I’m sure Scott will publish any reviews in Driving Mirror too.

2016 Llandow Sprint Entries

Entries are now open for round 3 of the championship.  Please ensure you enter in the MX class. You can enter online (or download the entry form) here:

If you’ve not yet entered either of the first two rounds, there’s still time although spaces are short.

Round 1: http://bristolmc.org.uk/gws-notice/

Round 2: http://bristolmc.org.uk/march-autosolo-notice/

Unfortunately, the fifth round of the championship at Hullavington Airfield has had to be cancelled as the MOD have decided to sell the land.  The championship will still conclude at Castle Combe in July, but only your best four scores will now count.

Hopefully, you’ve already got your helmet, race suit and gloves sorted as well as your club membership and racing licence.  Don’t forget you need to make a timing strut.

As always, if you have any questions or need advice, I’m happy to help.  If you’re on Facebook, the Bristol MX5 Owners group is a useful source of information.

2016 Chepstow AutoSolo Entries

Entries are now open for round 1 of the championship.  You can download the entry form from the website:

You’ll need to print/post the form with your entry fee to the event secretary.  There’s no need for race suits and helmets, just make sure your car’s running well and you have your documents.  Please get your entry in soon as this is a round of several championships and is likely to fill up pretty quickly.

For those of you who have not entered the second round yet, there are still lots of places available, but don’t leave it too long:

2016 Great Western Sprint Entries

Good news!  Winter is now over as entries are now open for an event.  It’s not the first round of the championship, but the second (the first will be soon).  It’s the Great Western Sprint at Castle Combe Circuit. You can read about the event and enter online here:

Please do enter quickly as it’s a round of the British Championship and the first event of the season, so it’s often over-subscribed.  For your entry to be accepted in the challenge, you need to be a member of Bristol Motor Club. If you’ve not yet signed up, you can do so here:

Don’t forget that you’ll need the following…

  • A timing strut for the front of the car.  This is a flat black piece of plastic/metal/wood/carbon/cardboard (254mm x 54mm minimum) normally bolted to your towing eye or number plate screw.
  • A Non-Race National B racing licence, which you can order from the MSA website (https://members.msauk.org/)
  • You need personal safety equipment for the sprints, as regulated by the MSA.  A helmet (not a motorbike one), race suit and gloves complying with the correct certification are the minimum equipment.

If you have any questions, please get in touch or pop down to club night.

2016: Welcome!

Thanks for your interest in the Vincenzo & Son Bristol MX5 Challenge.  The season gets underway in March and there’s a few things you need to have ready if you plan to compete.

  • The car!  Any MX5 is suitable, provided it’s a road car and adheres to the rules in section S of the MSA’s yearbook (download a copy from www.msauk.org).  What’s most likely to catch you out is if you strip the car of all its interior – that’s not allowed.  We don’t allow forced induction (turbos/superchargers) and tyres must be on list 1A (see the yearbook), which means none of the really sticky trackday tyres.  Please try to keep modifications to a minimum – the essence of this championship is that a standard car can win.
  • A helmet, race suit and gloves.  A motorcycle helmet is not acceptable.  All three must be to the standards in the MSA’s yearbook (essentially SNELL 2010/2015 for the helmet and Nomex suit/gloves).
  • A non-race National B licence.  You can order this from the MSA’s website.  It arrives in a couple of weeks, so don’t leave it until the 16th March before ordering!
  • Bristol Motor Club membership.  This is because of the Clubman status of the championship.  It’s only £20/year though and you get a great magazine every couple of months too http://bristolmc.org.uk/join-us/

If you’re in need of the safety gear, then I’d recommend a trip to Autosport International at the NEC in a fortnight.  All the major players will be there and you can bag a good deal by buying the whole lot at once. Most importantly, it’s one of the few times you can try practically every helmet on for size – your head will probably fit one brand best.

If in doubt about anything, then just get in touch. A good bunch of last year’s competitors are usually hung around the bar at club night and there’s normally an MX5 crew discussing whether Michelin tyres are really worth the premium over Nankangs…

The following events are rounds of the championship and your best 4 scores will count.  You can do as many or as few events as you wish.

  • Saturday 5th March: Spring AutoSolo (Chepstow)
  • Saturday 19th March: Great Western Sprint, Castle Combe Circuit (1.75 laps)
  • Saturday 7th May: Llandow Sprint (1.75 laps)
  • Sunday 19th June: Summer AutoSolo (Chepstow)
  • Saturday 23rd July: Dick Mayo Sprint, Castle Combe Circuit (0.75 laps)