How to vSprint

vSprinting is a new format devised to mimic a real sprint as much as possible. It’s different to using Circuit Experiences in GT Sport and it’s more sociable.

Register to Compete

Fill in the form to register for the event. This will be in the Facebook event and posted on all our social media channels.

Register here for the Monza vSprint – 19:00BST Friday 29th May 2020

Make Friends with PatioBlast

The event organiser gamertag is PatioBlast. Make friends in advance so you can see the party and lobby.

Voice Chat/Comms

You need to be able to hear the chat as we will call you to the track through the voice chat. Either configure chat to come through your TV speakers or plug a headset into your controller. The headphones that came with your phone will do.
If you’re in Batch A, join the party before the event starts. If you’re in another batch, listen to the commentary on the live stream for an instruction to join the chat.

Join the Lobby but not the Track!

Join the event lobby, but don’t join the track. You can spectate from here and hear what’s going on in preparation for your lap. You will be called to the track when it’s your turn.

Before you select Enter (green tick), change your Car Settings so you have ‘Racing: Super Soft’ tyres. Now press Enter. At this point you can Go To Track but don’t go until told because somebody will be on a flying lap.

If you enter the track accidentally, pull onto the grass and wait. Let the organiser know on the voice chat you’ve accidentally joined the track.

After your Flying lap

When you get told to go you, the following will happen:
You’ll leave the pits and start your out lap, this will allow you to build up speed for a flying lap.

Once you’ve completed your flying lap then pull over to one side (on the grass – out of sight of other competitors so you don’t distract them) and then exit to the lobby by pressing the ‘Options’ button and then choosing ‘Exit’.

Do this quickly because the car will try and auto-drive around the track. If you let this happen then it’ll ruin somebody else’s lap. Please don’t let this happen.
You’ll be able to see your time and enter spectate mode allowing you to watch the action and see the other competitor results.