How to vSprint

Here’s a quick guide on how to vSprint.

vSprinting is a new format devised to mimic a real sprint as much as possible. It’s different to using Circuit Experiences in GT Sport and it’s more sociable.


  • Practice during the week. Please don’t practice at the weekends. Practice stops on Friday so people don’t see published times and practice to beat them.
  • Sprint at the Weekend – there’ll be multiple sessions across the weekend
  • No tuning the car – this is blocked anyway
  • Balance of Performance is set so all cars are equalised
  • Use the Racing: Super-Soft tyres

Voice Chat/Comms

You need to be able to hear the chat so you’ll need to plug some headphones plugged in. Ideally they’ll have a microphone. The headphones that came with your phone will do.
Next, join the chat party so you can hear what’s going on.

Sprint Event

Join the event and wait in the Lobby. You can spectate from here and hear what’s going on in preparation for your lap.
Before you select Enter (green tick), change your Car Settings so you have ‘Racing: Super Soft’ tyres.
Now press Enter.
At this point you can Go To Track but don’t go until told because somebody will be on a flying lap.

When you get told to go you, the following will happen:
You’ll leave the pits and start your out lap, this will allow you to build up speed for a flying lap.
Once you’ve completed your flying lap then pull over to one side (on the grass – out of sight of other competitors so you don’t distract them) and then exit to the lobby by pressing the ‘Options’ button and then choosing ‘Exit’.
Do this quickly because the car will try and auto-drive around the track. If you let this happen then it’ll ruin somebody else’s lap. Please don’t let this happen.
You’ll be able to see your time and enter spectate mode allowing you to watch the action and see the other competitor results.