Getting Started

Licence and Club Membership

Bristol Motor Club Championships are open only to paid-up members of Bristol Motor Club. No additional fees are payable, but participants must hold a Motorsport UK Competition Licence where required to enter the qualifying rounds.

You can join the club here – Click
It costs £20 per year but means you can enter a wide range of motorsport events plus various club activities.

You don’t need to do every event, some competitors choose to only do Autosolos, whereas others only do Speed events (Sprints and Hillclimbs).  You will need a licence from Motorsport UK though.  This is just a paperwork exercise and actually very straight-forward.  It costs £69 per year.
This needs to be a “RS Inter Club” if you want to participate in Sprints or Hill Climbs.
For Autosolos, you just need a free “RS Clubman” licence.

You can apply for your licence here –

The championship is regulated by Motorsport UK so this means, for sprints and hillclimbs, you need a more appropriate helmet than an old motorbike helmet.  As a minimum, you need to have:


  • Helmet – Keeping this guide concise, the most common standard is a FIA helmet conforming to one of the following:
    FIA 8860-2004 (Avoid as they’re not valid after 31.12.20)
    FIA 8860-2010
    FIA 8859-2015
    Some SNELL and SFI helmets are allowed but not very common.

    Most motorsport helmets you’ll find in the retail outlets will most likely be FIA 8860-2010 or 8859-2015.
    Karting Helmets are NOT permitted
  • Race Suit – The most common type of suit will be an FIA 8856-2000 suit.  Again, this is most likely what you’ll find in a retailer.  
  • Gloves – Again, these need to be FIA 8856-2000
  • Boots – These are optional but most people will buy them to gain extra feel, not to mention the extra protection they bring.

Where to buy your equipment

There are many retailers, this is not a recommendation or endorsement but are typical places where you might buy the above equipment.

  • Autosport Show (January every year) –
    This is a great place to try on lots of gear and usually get ~10% discount.  Saves messing around trying to find the right size.