Here’s a list of FAQs about the championship.  If you would like to ask a question then please use the ‘Comments’ form at the bottom of the page.  It will be answered and added to the FAQs.

Do I have to enter all events?

No, you can choose whichever events suit you.  Some of our competitors choose to do just the Autosolo events, others may choose the Sprints.  

Do I have to pay for the season upfront?

You just need to enter the events when the entries open.  Some events get booked up quickly so you have to get an entry in quickly, others are more relaxed.  You will be notified about event entries if you’re on the mailing list, event details are posts on the front page of this website and also on social media.

What’s the cost of entry?

Entry into the championship is free, you just need to be a member of Bristol Motor Club, which is £20 per year.
Autosolos are excellent value for money and cost ~£35 for an entry.  As you don’t need any protective equipment, they make an excellent entry into competitive motorsport.
Sprints and Hillclimbs vary depending on the club and venue, they’re normally between £80 and £130.

My car has modifications that aren’t allowed in the regulations, can I still enter?

I’m afraid not, the championship is well balanced so the various MX5 versions are pretty even throughout the year with no discernible advantage with any version.  We don’t want to cause an imbalance by one person being allowed a modification as others will want their own exemption.  Sorry, but it makes it fair for everyone.

Can two drivers enter?

Yes, as a matter of fact, they can.  It’s called ‘double-driving’.  Two people can share a car, one person goes out early in the session, when they come back the drivers swap places and then second driver goes.  It works very well and many people do it, even the current British Champion shares her car.