2018 Start of the season

Hope you’re all ready for the 2018, whether you’re competing or just spectating?

For 2018, we’ve managed to secure an extra venue, Manor Farm Hillclimb, which we hope will provide something different for the final two rounds of the season.  It’s a two-day event of a weekend so here’s hoping it’s a sociable event as I’m sure many will be camping.  From what we’ve seen, it’s not a daunting hill and should ease people nicely into hillclimbs.

The events have been published here but it looks like we’ve lost the Wessex Sprint (another new venue).  Not to worry, we still have a full season of 4x Sprints, 4x Autosolos and 2x Hillclimbs.  Remember, this meansthat 7 rounds count!

The championship regulations have been approved by the MSA and are published on the Club Website so please remind yourselves of the rules, although they haven’t changed from last year. I’m more than happy to answer any questions or give guidance on getting started

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