The Great Western Sprint

Castle Combe Circuit - Saturday 23 March

Great Western Sprint Course

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Bristol Motor Club welcomes competitors to the Great Western Sprint. At 3.3 miles –  1¾ laps of the racing circuit – it is the longest sprint course in the country. The start is at the pit lane exit, the finish at Westway on the second lap. Exit from the course is via the pit lane slip road into the paddock.

Competitors are reminded that it is their responsibility to check their car thoroughly and ensure that it is in a fit state to compete, especially following any work that may have been completed over the winter.

Please remember that noise emissions for this event are lower than normally allowable for sprints and are limited to 105 dBA, measured at 0.5m at three quarters maximum rpm, in compliance with J.5.18.

Also be aware that there will be no convoy runs. However, to enable competitors to familiarise themselves with the course layout, they will be given the opportunity of walking or cycling the course prior to practice, but must be clear of the course by 08.30 at the latest.

The Timekeeper will again be TSL, as last year. There will be a time display on the return road to the paddock and a live timing screen in signing-on for the use of competitors, but be advised that times shown on these are provisional. March 2019 live times will be here.

Gates to the paddock will be open for competitors to arrive on the evening of Friday 23rd March, if they wish to. Camping in the paddock is permitted on the Friday night.

Here are your Final Instructions | Entry List / Running order | SRs for reference

The principal trophies presented for the Great Western Sprint are The Hastings Trophy for Fastest Time of the Day, and The Castle Combe Plate for the Best Performance by a Bristol MC member. For a profile of the Great Western Sprint, information on its background and history, please click here.

Results of the last Great Western Sprint

Contact: Event Secretary Ady Taylor 07957 545432.

As with any sprint, we need a good contingent of marshals to help run the day safely and efficiently, so if you’re not going to compete please consider offering your services.
For many of the posts you don’t need any prior experience, just enthusiasm, common sense and the willingness to learn the simple rules that apply.
For further information please contact the Chief Marshal Mike Cole