Driving Mirror (January – February 2022)

Chairman’s Chat – I start the year by thanking two key individuals.

Motorsport UK – Latest Revolution from our governing body.

The ease of getting started – Andy Laurence wants to shape the future of speed events, with your help too. 

MX5 Challenge 2022 – It’s been seven years already. Andy Thompson tees us up for year eight.

A letter from Cornwall – John Bingham has moved to Cornwall and finds the road signs, erm well, interesting.

Gold & Silver Star Sporting Car Trial Final – Tony Streeting tells the story as no less that eight BMC members travel to help out.

Who do you think you are – Ben Stapley uncovers the quite incredible history of his Datsun 240Z.

Winter Work – Dave Greenslade brings us up to date with the Radical Diary pre-season.

Exeter Trial in an MR2 – Mike Smith and Paul Barker get up at Midnight for a full days trialling.

Drive-By – Chris finds these days he and the Vectra are unpaid large antique furniture movers.