Digital Membership Cards and Online Renewal

Membership Portal

We’re moving to the 21st century with the blessing of Motorsport UK.  From 2020, we will no longer issue you with a physical membership card.  You can join the club and renew your membership through the online portal and download your membership card from there.  When you come to sign on at events, you can present your card on your phone, print it out and present it on paper or, if you’re unable to do either, you can still ask us to send you one.  Andy Thompson will sort you out with that.  No more arriving at an event without your membership card – as long as you have your login details or it’s a Bristol Motor Club event, you can retrieve it.

Membership Portal

How To Find Your Membership Card

First of all, you need to head over to the membership system at and login.  If you’re an existing member, you’ve been sent an email to set your password, so follow the instructions in that email and renew your membership.  Once you’ve logged in, there’s a menu at the top or accessed through the three bars at the top.  Select My Subscriptions from that menu…

My Subscriptions Mobile

My Subscriptions

You will be presented with your current membership (2019 at the time of writing) and your future (inactive) membership (2020 at the time of writing).  Each of these will have a button to download the associated membership card.

Download membership card