Committee Digest: November 2019

Committee Digest November 2019

We had a lot to discuss this month.  To start with, we discussed how we deal with memberships and event entries.  You’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve decided to move to an online system, which will be up and running soon.  You’ll be able to login and see your membership status, renew easily, pay online with a card (or Paypal) and download your club card if you get to the event and realise you left it at home.  In fact, we’re not going to post you a club card next year unless you tell us you need one.  You can present your card at signing on on your phone or by printing it out in advance.  Win!

We also discussed a new venue for the Roy Fedden Sporting Trial.  We don’t think the current land owners want us back after their last minute decision to cancel our event, so we’re looking for a new venue.  We’re looking for a piece of relatively level land to use as a paddock with access to some steep hills to really test the cars.  If you or a friend have some suitable land, please get in touch.

After the success of our Autosolo at Supercar Saturday, despite the rain, we’ve decided to set up a team to provide passenger rides around an Autosolo at various events.  This will bring our sport to people who don’t normally experience it.  We will need people willing to work in roles as timekeepers, signing on and experienced drivers to make it work.  We also need to find some events with tarmac areas we can use to set out a course.  If you’re interested in being part of the team or want to suggest an event, please get in touch!

Finally, Paul Parker has stated that he’s happy to relinquish the role of Competition Secretary if someone wants to take it on.  It involves putting the calendar together and communicating with other Competition Secretaries to promote inter-club competition.  And on that note, a Social Secretary to put together a programme of social events would be very much appreciated.  Apply within

Committee Digest November 2019