Committee Digest: May 2019

2019 Classic and Performance Parade 2019 Classic and Performance Parade

This is new, I hear you say. I know, the committee have been talking, as only committees do, and decided to share some of what’s on our minds and that gets discussed when we meet the Monday after every Tuesday Club Night at Colston’s. You see the thing is we have thoughts and ideas but can’t always get to a clear decision that we are confident represents your view as well. Here’s what’s hot at the moment:

Classic and Performance Parade

An event previously known as Family Sports Car Day, Sunday Funday etc. etc. whatever its called, its on the Sunday after our Saturday Dick Mayo Sprint, meaning we hire the circuit for the weekend and not just one day. Truth is we don’t quite know what to do with this non-competitive day in our calendar. There isn’t anyone at present to really take hold of it, it’s at the fringes of what Motorsport UK will provide a permit for, and as last year proved has the capability of costing the club a chunk of money if no one shows after an appalling weather forecast . On the counter side, it has huge potential and is certainly on for this year, question is, should it be next year and beyond?

2019 Classic and Performance Parade

Second Llandow Sprint

Our two Castle Combe sprints fill at an alarming rate, the Dick Mayo for this year within just a few days of the entries going out. But recently Llandow has had the same positive response, so do we add another trip west to our calendar around the end of June and make it four sprints in one year, as opposed to three? Again we need a team to organise it, but we seem better able to field a team to run a competitive event than we do events like the one above.

Regular Club Nights

Personally, I try to make a point of going every time, but I can’t help thinking this year numbers are down. So good people of BMC, what’s up? Do they need to be more exciting, in a different location, based outside with our cars and not inside without them. Or is it that with busy lives there isn’t time, or you normally remember a day too late and would appreciate a reminder? Speak to us and let us know and maybe we can change something for the better.

Charitable Donations

We do some of this at the moment, a bit to Chipping Sodbury Rotary and some more to the Stroke Association. In fact I have a certificate on the wall next to me from the latter organisation recognising our fund raising activities and nominating us for an award. We didn’t win, but nice to be recognised. But do we do enough and should we do more, and if so how much more?

If you have a view on any of the topics above, or any topic for that matter, you’d like me to table or share at committee then please contact me on