2024 June Llandow Sprint: Final Instructions

2024 June Llandow Sprint Entries Open

Your COMPETITION NUMBER is specified in the entry list attachment and will not be provided by the
organisers or available at the meeting, therefore please ensure you bring suitable numbers with you.

Motorsport UK Permit No. 135462

The length of the course is approx. 1.8 miles, consisting of 1¾ laps of the circuit. There is one left 90-degree
corner, several fast right-hand bends and one natural left/right chicane.

Motorsport UK Steward: TBC
Event Stewards: Andrew Meek & Dave Cutcliffe
Timekeeper: Kelvyn Davies, TSL

3. MOTORSPORT UK Championship Numbers – not available when SRs published
Bristol Motor Club Junior Championship CH2024/S077

Llandow circuit is situated 4 miles SSW of Cowbridge, Glamorgan, on the B4270. Competitors should leave the
M4 at Junction 33, onto the A4232 south. Then take A48 west at Culverhouse Cross and follow Brown
Chequered Flag Llandow signs to venue. Post code for SatNav is CF71 7PB.

Competitors may arrive from 07:05 onwards. Please do not arrive before this time as the gates will be locked
and queuing cars cause congestion on the main road. Competitors not at the venue by 09:00 may be
excluded, unless exceptional circumstances apply. Any competitors wishing to leave their trailers and cars in
the Paddock overnight (at their own risk) should arrive on Friday afternoon, no later than 17:00 as gates will be
locked after this time. Please indicate on the sign on form whether you wish to leave your vehicle at the circuit
overnight so that consent for this can be obtained from the circuit.
Due to a reorganisation of the paddock area, all marshals and officials must park in the Kart Track paddock
area as the circuit paddock and car park will be full.

The paddock will be laid out as per the attached Paddock Plan. Please ensure that you are parked in the
correct place as this will ease the smooth running of the event. A trailer or support vehicle may only be parked
with your vehicle in the specific paddock areas indicated on the Paddock Plan. All other trailers & support
vehicles must be parked in the Kart Track paddock area as shown. They must be moved to the Kart track
paddock promptly after unloading vehicles. Any necessary changes to the Paddock Plan will be advised by the
Paddock Marshals on the day.
The riding of motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, go-peds etc in the Paddock and Pit Lane will not be permitted.

Camping is not allowed at Llandow circuit although there are camping facilities nearby at Llandow Campsite,
who can be contacted on 01446 794527.

Signing on will be pre-event via an online form (link included in covering email). This must be completed by
Wed 5th June at 18:00.
All competitors must bring their Competition Licence and Club Membership / Championship Cards to the
event. From 7.30am onwards, once parked in your space, please bring these documents to the Admin Office
in the Paddock to be checked by officials prior to the start of the event.

This is in electronic format and is included as a link in the covering email. It must be read by all competitors
before the event. Under 18s and any drivers who have not competed at the venue before will be given a
briefing by the Clerk of the Course at 08:45 outside the Control Tower.

Cars will be scrutineered in their paddock space from 07:30 onwards with double driven cars being given
priority within class. This will be followed by sound emission testing on all cars. Any car failing this test as
defined by the Motorsport UK Regulations will be reported to the Clerk of the Course and may not be allowed
to compete until it passes the noise test. Any vehicle deemed to be excessively noisy during the event may be
excluded by the Clerk of the Course.
The circuit owners do not allow tyre warming. Therefore, you do so at the risk of exclusion.

All vehicles must comply with the 2024 Motorsport UK Yearbook.
Engines must not be run before 09:00 or after 18:00 except at minimum revolutions when moving within the
Roadgoing cars will also require MOT Certificate (where applicable), proof of Road Tax and Insurance
certificate at scrutineering. Any competitor not producing this documentation will be re-classified or excluded
at the discretion of the organisers. Vehicle Passports/CCLBs (where applicable) must be available for checking
by the Scrutineering team.

07:05 Gates will open, allowing access to venue
07:30 Competitors may walk the Course until 08:45
07:30 Competitor document checks commences in Admin Office
07:30 Scrutineering commences within Paddock
08:45 U18s & New Drivers Briefing
09:00 Practice Run commences
Timed runs will start shortly after Practice Run has finished. Circumstances permitting, competitors will be
offered at least three timed runs.

Each competitor will be allowed a maximum of two mechanics/helpers within the forming-up area. No-one
else will be allowed in these areas.

Practice and timed runs will proceed as shown in the timetable above.
Double Driver entries will run with a 7- or 8- prefix and these will be the first to practice in each class. Double
Driven Cars will run in advance of their class in each timed run.
Cars will be called to the forming-up area via the Paddock PA system or Paddock Marshals. To ensure the
event runs to time please cooperate with the Paddock marshals by being ready promptly and in the running
order as follows:
Class A1, A2, A3, A4, B2, B3, C1, C2, C3, C4, D1, D2, D3, E1, E2, E3, FASS 1, FASS 2, FASS 3, DMC, MG

All cars must be fitted with a timing strut. Competitors will start singly in their own time on receipt of the start
signal. The method of timing will be automatic. A timed run consists of 1¾ laps from a standing start. Timing
starts when the vehicle breaks the light beam and finished on completion of 1¾ when the vehicle again breaks
the light beam.

Should any Practice or Timed Run be stopped, a RED FLAG will be displayed at signalling points around the
circuit. On display of these flags, competitors must cease sprinting, slow down and be prepared to stop, (with
due regard to those following). Proceed with caution, via the finish line and paddock to the assembly area.
Competitors must be aware that the track may be blocked or there may be Rescue vehicles on the track at this
time. If authorised by the Clerk of the Course a re-run will be arranged.

Do not overtake any vehicle. In the case of a competitor being baulked by a slower car, they should maintain
station and request a re-run from the Clerk of the Course.

Times will not be displayed at the meeting but will be available on the Timekeepers website ( and will be continuously updated throughout the day. It will be the competitors’
responsibility to view the results on their own device. Following the final run of the event and once the
protest period has passed results will become final.

Awards will be presented in the Admin Office at the end of the event. Any awards not collected will be

All equipment must be in position before the start of the event and mounting of the equipment may be
examined by a Scrutineer. No facility for live streaming of the event is allowed in cars.

Animals will not be permitted at the Circuit.

Petrol is not available at the circuit so please ensure that you have enough petrol before coming to the event.
Containers should comply with the relevant British Standard and should be marked “Petroleum Spirit – Highly

Due to rubbish/recycling problems, the circuit management has requested that everyone at the event takes
all their rubbish home for disposal. To comply with this, a bin bag will be issued to every competitor after
their document checks have taken place in the Admin Office, prior to the start of the event. PLEASE DO NOT
USE THE GREEN BINS WITHIN THE PADDOCK AREA. Your cooperation is appreciated.

In line with Motor Sports Association policy, Bristol Pegasus MC & Bristol MC has a responsibility to safeguard
and promote the well-being of young people working and competing in motor sport. The licensed Club Child
Safeguarding Officers are Mary Bartlett, tel: 07824 803563/Simon Clemow, tel: 07901 550013, email:

Exposure to excessive noise may result in hearing loss, this may be short term or, after prolonged exposure,
permanent. When exposure to noise is unavoidable, ear defenders should be worn.

Entrants and their associated personnel should act in a manner so as not to put either themselves or any other
person at risk of injury as members of the public may be in the Paddock area.

Event / Entries Secretary – Zoë Tooth Tel: 07549 383234, email .
If you need to withdraw your entry, please contact the Event Secretary at the earliest opportunity.
Mobile telephone no for emergencies during the event – Zoë Tooth Tel: 07549 383234
If you have a problem on the day of the event and will not be attending or will be late, please telephone
before 09:00 am.

Thank you for your support and co-operation. We hope you have a pleasant and enjoyable day of motorsport
and look forward to seeing you at the event.
The Bristol Llandow Sprint Organising Team

2024 June Llandow Sprint Final Instructions

2024 JUNE LLANDOW SPRINT – paddock plan

2024 June Llandow Entry List – published