2023 Dick Mayo Sprint: Marshals Required!


We are short of marshals for the Dick Mayo Sprint next Saturday 22nd July.  Whether you’re experienced or not, we have space for you at the event.  In exchange for your time, you will get an unrivalled view of the competition with a roof to shade the sun and a free hot lunch.  Get in touch with Andrew Thompson if you can help.


There is no charge for spectators.  Please use the competitors entrance and park on the grass.  Practice starts at 09:00 and timed runs will commence shortly afterwards, likely around 11:00 with a break for lunch likely after the first timed runs.  You can listen to commentary through the live stream on Facebook and YouTube and live timing on the TSL Timing website.  The cafe will be open all day with indoor and outdoor seating, hot food and toilets.  You can view the competition from the spectator banking around the circuit and see the cars and drivers up close in the paddock.  Download the entry list here or view below.

Car no. Drivers name Make Model Class Capacity Car will also be driven by
Class A1 Roadgoing series production cars up to 1400cc
108 Henry Holdcroft Austin A35 1275 A1  
107 Julian Rinaldi Ford Fiesta 998T A1  
106 Roy Clarke MG Midget 1330 A1  
105 Peter Stiles Suzuki Swift GTi 1370 A1  
104 Chris Briant MG ZR 1396 A1  
103 Paul Prance MG ZR 1396 A1  
102 Paul Ogborn Mini Cooper S 1275 A1  
101 David Ashurst Fiat Punto Sporting 1368 A1  
Class A2 Roadgoing series production cars over 1400cc up to 1800cc
793 Mark Tooth Lotus Elise 1796 A2 Claire Tooth
792 Paula Goodwin Renault Clio Gordini 1598 A2 Brad Coales
100 Russell Peart Lotus Elise S1 1800 A2  
99 Joshua Harley Toyota Celica 1796 A2  
98 Charles White Lotus Elise S2 1796 A2  
97 Steven Hepworth Ford Cortina MK1 GT 1558 A2  
96 Donald Gay Toyota MR2 1794 A2  
95 Don Bissell MG TF160 1796 A2  
94 Mervyn Brake Mazda MX5 1598 A2  
93 Claire Tooth Lotus Elise 1796 A2 Mark Tooth
92 Brad Coales Renault Clio Gordini 1598 A2
Paula Goodwin
Class A3 Roadgoing series production cars over 1800cc up to 2600cc
767 Bentley Orchard Triumph TR6 2598 A3 Len Olds
766 Chris Smith Triumph TR3A 2188 A3 Julian Webb
91 Matthew Parr Ford Fiesta ST 1600T A3  
90 Mark Harris Mazda MX5 1840T A3  
89 Sarah Munns Ford Fiesta ST 1600T A3  
88 Martin Prescott Ford Fiesta 1596T A3  
87 Paul Holmes Alfa Romeo 75 TS LE 1962 A3  
86 Howard Holdcroft Triumph TR4 2132 A3  
85 Stuart Watson Mazda MX 5 1998 A3  
84 Roger McEwen Triumph TR6 PI 2598 A3  
83 Myles Woodward Triumph TR4 2193 A3  
82 John Weedon Triumph TR4 2290 A3  
81 Trevor Hartland Toyota GR Yaris 1600T A3  
80 William Hunt Honda S2000 1985 A3  
79 Pete Goodman Lotus Elise 1800T A3  
78 Michael Wells Mazda MX5 Mk3 1999 A3  
77 Shane Currall Mini Cooper s 1598T A3  
76 Phil Ludbrook Honda S2000 1997 A3  
75 Steven Adams Porsche Boxster 2500 A3  
74 Adrian Smith BMW Z4 2496 A3  
73 Shaun West Mazda MX5 1998 A3  
72 Richard Cole Vauxhall VX220 1998T A3  
71 Howard Barnard Mazda MX5 1839T A3  
70 Samantha Browne Triumph TR4 2138 A3  
69 Tony Browne Triumph Dolomite Sprint 1998 A3  
68 Richard Knowles Abarth Grande Punto 1368T A3  
67 Len Olds Triumph TR6 2598 A3
Bentley Orchard
66 Julian Webb Triumph TR3A 2188 A3 Chris Smith
Class A4 Roadgoing series production cars over 2600cc and Class A5 Electric Vehicles (EVs) in standard form
756 Geraint Meek Subaru Impreza 2498T A4
Andrew Meek
755 David Franklin Porsche 3.0 RS 2998 A4 Chris Stone
65 Alan Davies Bmw Z4 3000 A4  
64 Larry Jeram-Croft Triumph TR7 V8 4600 A4  
62 Graham Cressey BMW 130i 3000 A4  
62 Nick Davies BMW 330D 2960T A4  
61 Henry Kim Shaw Subaru WXR STi 1994T A4  
60 Matthew Bennett Porsche 911 turbo 3600T A4  
59 Paul Franklin Caterham 620r 2000T A4  
58 Paul Weller Vauxhall VX220T 1998T A4  
57 Richard Smith Audi A3 tdi quattro 1968T A4  
56 Andrew Meek Subaru Impreza 2498T A4
Geraint Meek
55 Chris Stone Porsche 911RS 3000 A4
David Franklin
54 Dave Broadway Tesla Model 3 Performance 0 A5  
53 John Chambers Tesla Model 3 0 A5  
Class B2 Roadgoing specialist production cars – car engines over 1400ccup to 1800cc
52 Patrick Holmes Caterham 7 1598 B2  
51 Michael Smith Sylva Striker Mk2 1679 B2  
50 Pete Vincent Lotus Elise 111S 1800 B2  
Class B3 Roadgoing specialist production cars – car engines over 1800cc & M/C engines
49 Adrian Clements Westfield SEIW 1340 B3  
48 Rob Pack TVR Tuscan 4600 B3  
47 Paul Harvey Westfield SE 1998 B3  
46 Mark Everett TVR Griffith 500 4997 B3  
45 Gary Dawkins Lotus Exige 3500T B3  
44 John Brunner Ginetta G20 1986 B3  
43 Richard Houlgate Westfield SEIW 2261 B3  
42 Nigel Angrave Westfield SEIW 1995T B3  
Class C1 Modified series production cars – car engines up to 1400cc and Class C2 Modified series production cars – car engines over 1400cc up to 1800cc
41 John Rawlins Davrian Mk8 1040 C1  
40 Nigel Smith Ford Escort Mark II 1600 C2  
39 Andy Stoddart Vauxhall Nova 1600 C2  
38 Shaun Tuckey Ford ka 1600 C2  
Class C3 Modified series production cars – car engines over 1800cc
37 Alison Lock Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV 2300T C3  
36 Steve Small Triumph TR7V8 4632 C3  
35 Rupert Ryall Peugeot 206 GTi 1997 C3  
34 Paul Slade Jaguar E-Type 3800 C3  
33 Simon Pollock Toyota Mr2 Mk2 1998T C3  
32 Ian Beacham Peugeot 205 1998 C3  
31 Nicholas Keyser Reliant Scimitar SS1 1618T C3  
30 Robert Macgregor Triumph Dolomite Sprint 1998 C3  
29 Iain Milford Subaru Impreza 2350T C3  
28 Rod Warner Triumph Tr7v8 3500 C3  
27 Joshua Oakes Reliant Scimitar Ti 1809T C3  
Class C4 Modified specialist production cars, any capacity
725 Luke Ashley Raw Striker 919 C4 Simon Ashley
26 Tim Monk Fisher Fury 1300T C4  
25 Simon Ashley Raw Striker 919 C4 Luke Ashley
Class D1 Sports libre cars up to 1800cc
721 Simon Clemow Radical SR1 1440 D1
Dave Greenslade
720 Angharad Williams Radical Radical 1340 D1 Terry Brown
24 Tom Arnold Spire GTR 1441 D1  
23 Huw Williams Radical Pro Sport 1340 D1  
22 Graham Kendall Ford Anglia 1587 D1  
21 Dave Greenslade Radical SR1 1440 D1
Simon Clemow
20 Terry Brown Radical Radical 1340 D1
Angharad Williams
Class D3 Rally cars any capacity
19 Paul Arberry Vauxhall Chevette 1398 D3  
Class E1 Racing cars up to 1100cc
716 Chris Bennett Force TA 998 E1
Christoper Price
18 John Gregson Jedi Mk4 1050 E1  
17 Robert Bellerby OMS 2000m 1060 E1  
16 Christopher Price Force TA 998 E1 Chris Bennett
Class E2 Racing cars over 1100cc up to 1600cc
712 Malcolm Boorman OMS 2000m 1396 E2
William Johnson
15 Steve Broughton SBD DJ Firehawk CT004 1440 E2  
14 David Standing JKS F75 1340 E2  
13 Carole Torkington SBD OMS CF08 1585 E2  
12 William Johnson OMS 2000M 1398 E2
Malcolm Boorman
Class E3 Racing cars over 1600cc up to 2000cc Sponsored by Merlin Motorsport
11 Philip Montgomery-Smith OMS 2000M 1299T E3  
10 David Cutcliffe Van Diemen DC93M 1300T E3  
Class F1 Vinceno & Son Bristol MX5 Challenge
431 Chris Parr Mazda Mx5 2000 F1  
419 Paul Sunshine Mazda Mx5 1999 F1  
413 Phil Oliver Mazda Mx5 1840 F1  
405 Ben Marshall Mazda MX5 2000 F1  
Class F2 Bristol Two Litre Cup
126 Neil Halls Renault Clio 1995 F2  
125 Ben Crick Mazda MX5 2000 F2  
Class F3 Petro-CanadaLubricantPorsche ClubSpeed Championship with Pirelli
812 Ian Wadsworth Porsche 911 SC/RS 3164 F3
Nick Wadsworth
811 David Hilton Porsche 996 3600 F3 Tim Barber
810 Ian Cristol Porsche Boxter S 3200 F3 Adam Cristol
121 Howard Cressey Porsche Cayman 718 GTS 4.0 3995 F3  
120 Wayne Eason Porsche Boxster 2700 F3  
119 Jon Baldock Porsche Boxster S 3200 F3  
118 Simon Carr Porsche Cayman S 3400 F3  
117 Andy Fagan Porsche Boxster 3400 F3  
116 Martin Leach Porsche 911E 3000 F3  
115 Geraint Evans Porsche 911 Carrera3.0 3364 F3  
114 Graham Rose Porsche 924s 3000T F3  
113 Stephen Jory Porsche 944 3000 F3  
112 Nicholas Wadsworth Porsche 911 SC/RS 3164 F3
Ian Wadsworth
111 Tim Barber Porsche 996GT3 3600 F3 David Hilton
110 Adam Cristol Porsche Boxter S 3200 F3 Ian Cristol



1. EVENT FORMAT: The start line will be in the pit lane, with access to it through the gate between the
Strawford Centre and the control tower. The sprint will still cover ¾ of a lap, finishing just before the
entrance to the pit lane.

2. CHANGES from SRs:

Motorsport UK Permit Number: 129074
Motorsport UK Steward: Alan Bryant

3. PARKING: There is adequate space for competing cars, trailers and
support vehicle in the paddock, spaces will be allocated by competitor number or class. Other cars may
park on the grass areas close to the paddock entrance.
4. CIRCUIT LOCATION: The circuit is 5 miles NW of Chippenham on the B4039. Competitors should follow
the brown chequered flag road signs. Use junction 18 from M4 WEST, junction 17 from M4 EAST.
DMS FIs Page 3 of 4
5. ARRIVAL: The circuit will be open for competitors on Friday 21st July to arrive and park in the paddock
after the event running on Friday has finished (1700 -1800 aprox). The paddock gate will be open from
07.00 onwards on Saturday 23rd July.
6. PADDOCK: A maximum speed of 10 mph is imposed in the paddock area. Any competitor exceeding this
speed limit may be excluded.
7. SIGNING-ON: Please use this link to access the signing on form, this needs to be completed in
advance and submitted using the button on the form. There will be no signing on at the event.
8. COMPETITION LICENCES: Competition Licences must be brought to the event. Checking of such
licences may take place in some cases.
9. DRIVERS BRIEFING: Outside the Strawford Centre at 8.30. Attendance is mandatory
10. ENGINES: Engines of competing cars must not be run before 08.30. This is a Castle Combe Circuit
planning order regulation and competitors contravening this regulation may be excluded from the meeting.
11. SCRUTINEERING: Will take place in paddock spaces.
SOUND TESTING: Will be done on approach to the assembly area for the practice run.
12. NON PUMP FUEL: Competitors using any fuel other than that obtainable at normal UK filling stations,
must display an orange Day-Glo disc adjacent to their competition number
13. SILENCING/SOUND EMISSION TESTING: All competing vehicles must comply with MSA Sound Test
Regulation J 5.18 105dBA at ½ metre at three-quarters maximum rpm. This is lower than that normally
permitted at Sprints, but a requirement of the organising club’s contract with Castle Combe Circuit Ltd.
Testing will take place after Scrutineering and random tests may be made at such other time and place as
the Chief Scrutineer may decide.
Cars failing the test will not be permitted to compete and must not run their engines in the paddock, except
for a re-test. Action may be taken by the circuit management against those who fail to observe this
14. WALKING THE COURSE IS RECOMMENDED, as there will be NO CONVOY RUNS. The course must
be clear by 08.30.
15. TYRE WARMING: Tyre warming by wheel spinning anywhere within the venue is strictly prohibited.
Failure to comply may result in exclusion from the competition. The use of any other artificial means of
warming vehicle tyres is also prohibited.
16. PRACTICE is scheduled to start at 09.00 and will be in class order.
Competitors will be called to the Assembly Area (in the pit lane) by class by the paddock marshal or on
the Paddock PA system.
Competitors will be given the opportunity of one practice run. Practice runs may not be timed.
17. TIMED RUNS: Are scheduled to start after practice.
Runs where possible will be in class and competition number order.
Drivers of double driven cars to run in advance of their class.
It is intended to have three timed runs with the best to count to results, however more or less runs may
happen depending how smoothly the day runs. Additional runs will only be offered when it is expected that
all competitors will get the chance to take that additional run
18. TIMING: All cars must be fitted with a timing strut.
DMS FIs Page 4 of 4
19. Classes Class A4 and A5 have been combined. Class C1 and C2 have been combined
20. STARTS: Competitors start in their own time after a green light signal. An automatic light controlled vehicle
alignment system will be used.
21. RED LIGHTS AND FLAGS: The circuit red lights may be used in addition to red flags. These will have
the same meaning as flags. On being shown a red flag/ light competitors MUST immediately slow down
and unless otherwise directed, competitors should complete the lap at reduced speed and exit the circuit
via the pit lane entry road at the next opportunity. Go to the Paddock Marshal who will organise a re-run
following authorisation from the Clerk of the Course.
22. RE-RUNS: Competitors shown a red flag/light may be given a re-run at the discretion of the Clerk of the
Course. Competitors claiming a re-run must obtain authorisation before attempting to take their re-run.
Failure to do so may invalidate the time established on that re-run.
23. AWARDS: There will be an awards presentation upstairs in the Strawford Centre at the end of the day. If
you are due an award and cannot stay to collect it please arrange for someone else to be there to collect
it on your behalf.
24. In line with Motorsport UK policy, the Bristol Motor Club has a responsibility to safeguard and promote the
well being of young people working and competing in motor sport. Our licensed Club Child Safeguarding
Officer is Richard Marsh, tel. 07786 068830, and the club’s Child
Protection Policy can be found on the website
Clerk of the Course: Paul Parker 07710516758
Deputy Clerk of Course: Simon Mayo 07770315882
Deputy Clerk of Course: Dave Potts 07977 521693
Secretary of the meeting: Ady Taylor 07957545432
Entries Secretary Alan Want 07980 619905

Bristol Motor Club hope you have an enjoyable day’s motorsport.
Paul Parker, Simon Mayo & David Potts – Clerks of the Course
Ady Taylor & Alan Want – Secretaries of the Meeting