2023 Bristol Speed Championship Results

The 2023 Bristol Speed Championship concluded in a blaze of glory this past weekend at Castle Combe CIrcuit. Speed enthusiasts and racing aficionados flocked to witness an adrenaline-pumping display of driving prowess as competitors battled it out for the coveted title. In the end, it was Ben Marshall who emerged as the champion in his Class B Mazda MX5, showcasing his exceptional skills and consistency throughout the championship.

The championship, consisting of five challenging events, brought together a diverse array of drivers, each eager to prove their mettle in the high-octane world of motorsports. The events included the Llandow Sprint, Dick Mayo Sprint, Wiscombe Park Hillclimb (two rounds), and the Great Western Sprint.

Ben Marshall clinched the championship with an impressive cumulative score of 60.46 points. Marshall’s journey to victory was nothing short of exceptional, as he consistently demonstrated his remarkable speed and precision across all five events, beating the weather-adjusted class record on average.

Marshall’s closest competitor, Phil Oliver, put up a fierce fight in his Class A MX5 but ultimately secured the second spot with a cumulative score of 59.39 points.  Matthew Bennett took the third position in his Porsche 911 Turbo, trailing just behind with a cumulative score of 59.3 points.

Pekka Tulokas, the driver of the wild Turbocharged MX5, managed to hold his ground against the competition with a total of 59.2 points.  In the midst of fierce competition, Simon Clemow, Matt Parr, and Dave Greenslade had their share of ups and downs, with Simon Clemow coming in fifth place and Matt Parr in sixth, just 0.03 points behind, each delivering noteworthy performances in their respective events.

As the dust settles on another successful Bristol Speed Championship, it is clear that this championship has once again solidified its place as one of the most accessible championships in the region with Road cars battling against Sports Racing Cars. With Ben Marshall as the reigning champion, the anticipation for next year’s championship is already building. Bristol’s need for speed has been well and truly satisfied, and we can’t wait to see who will join us next season.

The full results can be found here.