2022 Allen Classic Trial: Results

What a difference a drop of rain makes, we were happy to see the hills a little moist this year on our pre-event outings but would have preferred a dry night after the sections had been set up on
Saturday. Oh well that’s trialling!

We were blessed again with a full entry. Thank you. We lost a few in the week before but at least the reserves had an opportunity to run. As an experiment we ran a Heritage Trial in parallel. Initially running behind the main field, then cutting a few sections to run at the front for the last sections.

Well, that was the plan, it almost worked! Take up was a little lower than hoped, congratulations and the Dacy Trophy go to Andrew Isherwood in his Dellow winning the first Allen Heritage Trial. Tog Hill was the normal gentle opener, then to Bitton lane where the competitors were greeted by a virtually new team. Stalwarts Terry Osborne, Tony Pow and crew deciding it was time they had a lie in on the last Sunday in November. Not sure how long they have been keeping an eye on you there but probably 30 years. Andy Hutt brought his experience, to the new team. The restart proved a little too slippery for a few, I am sure one Beetle raised a bit of smoke!

Fairy Hill the new find for 2021 that caused little trouble for anyone, showed a new side to its character, not so easy when wet. The special test results look like a reincarnation of Nanny Hurns! The track into the wood had a side slope that was now so slippery it had become impassable. Special thanks go to the team from Stroud and in particular Mark Linforth, who borrowed the Landowner’s Digger and re-graded the track in record time with a queue of cars waiting. The section was tricky, just 2 clears, well done to Mal Allen and Dave Middleditch. The escape route would have made another section, Mark Linforth to the rescue again pulling a good few to the top, including a famous Golf.

A return to Big Uplands and then Guys Hill back to its usual self this year, taking points from every class. We had a couple of working parties on Travers this year, “smoothing” some of the steps and filling a few holes. The recovery Land Rover had no customers, so looks like it was a worthwhile activity. Michael Leete was out in his Dellow so Simon Robson took charge of the team from Falcon at Burledge, the well-known old stopper only claimed a couple this year.

Fry’s Bottom has seen a few changes over the years, the special test returned to its original location before the dam. Fry’s Bottom one took advantage of a new but rather muddy new track, we thought it would give you a surprise but not as tricky as it looks. Fry’s two was the same as last year under the watchful eye of Windwhistle MC. This year only one class 8 made it through their deviation and only one clear on the section, both honours going to Mark Hobbs in his Troll. A good few managed to make the low numbers. The clearest, cleanest score card award, goes to Anne Robinson there. Fry’s 3 class 8 restart proved just too tricky, sorry. Then to John Walker for the final blast, with the Heritage cars having a go as well. (Didn’t want them having clean cars to take home). No clean sheets this year.

The Allen Trophy goes to Phil Thomas in his Escort on an impressive 3 points. (When did an Escort last win the Allen?)

The Heritage Award goes to Andrew Isherwood in his Dellow.

Many thanks to all of you who help to make the trial such a success. Especially the marshals, many of whom come out year after year, and of course the competitors.

Carlie, Pete, Mark & Tim.

Allen Trophy – Phil Thomas – Escort Bob Wood Trophy – Francis Thomas

Henly Trophy -Dave Haizelden – VW Golf

Renwicks Trophy – Sam Holmes- VW Beetle

Rumsey Cup – Hollie Facey – BMW Z3

Highland Circle – Ben Gladwyn- VW Beetle

Rootes Trophy -Simon Oates Liege

Poole Trophy – Mark Hobbs – Troll

Dacy Trophy – (Heritage) Andrew Isherwood – Dellow

Gilbert Best Trophy – (Best Bristol) Ryan Eamer – Cannon

Allen Heritage Results PRINT 22 v1

Allen Results 22v1Print