2022 Spring Autosolo: Results

Thanks to all who came to our AutoSolo this weekend and made is a roaring success.  Please do give feedback if you think we need to improve somewhere or if we did well at something.

We went back to our ancient methods of stopwatches and paper for this event as the online system wasn’t giving us online times and with the reliability issues it’s had recently, we couldn’t risk the event by trying to use it.  However, we did get you online times on the Google sheet, which also gave us a few pretty graphs of the event progression so everyone can compare their times relative to the event leader.  Click the image/link for an interactive version as well as the actual times in overall and class order

FTD went to Andy Laurence with class wins for John Fox, Jamie Yapp, Kieran Belcher, Steve Conner and Pekka Tulokas.