2020 Dick Mayo Sprint: Entries Open!


This will be the first sprint in the UK after the motorsport season kicks off again. In order to do this, there are key restrictions….

  • No Spectators
  • One pit crew (actual pit crew, not spectating friends/family) per driver
  • No camping
  • 120 entries
  • Card payments only

Please read more than you normally would!

Covid 19 motorsport regulations:

Supplementary Regulations:

Enter online:


We are unfortunately not accepting spectators this year.  That includes unnecessary pit crew.  If you wish to come to the event, you will need to marshal or compete.


We’re going to need marshals more than ever this year.  If you are available, please get in touch with Mike Cole and bring as many friends and family as you can!  This will be your only opportunity to see unlimited class single seaters at a sprint this year.