2019 Allen Trial Results

2019 Allen Trial Guys Hill

The near full entry list looked very pleasing with Escorts challenging BMWs in class 3, MR2s challenging Beetles in class 6 and seven pre-war cars in class 2. Not forgetting the large numbers in classes 5, 7 & 8. Of course, there was also Tony Young who first did the Allen sixty years ago in 1959 still competitive in his class 4 Beetle.

We were very lucky with the weather to have a dry day once the early morning fog had cleared. Ground conditions, however, were very muddy and slippery due to previous heavy rain. Bitton Lane proved very tricky and caught out 20 on the restart. Guy’s Hill (with live streaming!) broadcast a mixed bag of success or otherwise for those on the restart.

Travers ran well with no real delays although some confused the Yellow & Red restart lines for a box! The Ubley sections provided a real challenge to most but the sequence ran smoothly thanks to the use of the lower gate for failures to return to the track – it’s the other left, Stuart! Ubley 2, a long section this year, had a full range of results from clean to double figures in nearly all classes and through the entry. Ubley Observed Test once again required a careful approach to avoid sliding down the slope after Line B. The fastest time was 24.1 seconds by both Duncan Stephens in Mike Chatwin’s Wasp with Mike as Passenger (probably surprised at how fast it could go) and Russell Clarke
in his Troll.

Chew Valley was busy with competitors, marshals and spectators. Many taking advantage of the take away fish and chips. It was here that Tony was presented with an award by Bristol member and past Chairman Chris Bigwood, who actually won the Allen trial back in 1959 in a Beetle.

The trial then headed via Burledge into Fry’s Bottom which like Ubley proved slippery. Fry’s 1 with deviation for class 8 caught out some and Fry’s 3 proved very challenging with only 6 of the lower classes including Tony cleaning it. Six of class 8 got off the restart line but failed to get to the 4.  There were some quick times on the Fry’s Observed Test but quickest was once again Duncan on 10.6 seconds.

The trial then headed back through the outskirts of Bath to the infamous John Walker, a good blast to end the day but not to be taken too lightly as some found out. Once again the floodlights were not needed as the final cars climbed the section just as the light started to fade.
Once again 6 of the 7 classes appeared in the top 10 and there were three clean sheets. Matt Facey’s BMW and white Reliant Scimitars of Dave Haizelden and Stuart Highwood . Matt beat Dave and Stuart by 6.2 and 12 seconds respectively to win the Allen Trophy for the first time.

Many thanks to all of you who help to make the trial such a success. Especially the marshals, many of whom come out year after year, the recovery vehicles, which are essential to the smooth running at Ubley and Travers, and of course the competitors.

Carlie, Pete, Mark & Tim.


Allen Trophy – Matt Facey BMW 316 Bob Wood Trophy – Hollie Wood

Redcliffe Cup 1st Clubman – Philip Thomas Ford Escort

Woodbury-Chillcott – Bill Bennett MG J2

Renwicks Trophy – Sam Holmes- VW Beetle

Rumsey Cup – Dave Haizelden Reliant Scimitar

Highland Circle – Mike Hobbs- VW Beetle

Rootes Trophy – Ray Ferguson Liege SS

Poole Trophy – Dean Partington DP Wasp

Gilbert Best Trophy – (Best Bristol) Ryan Eamer (Cannon)

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2019 Allen Trial Smoky BMW